Val Gardena’s 1997 Release: Migration

Christopher “Chris” Roberts is the past president of Universal Music Group’s Classics and Jazz division and an accomplished musician in his own right. While working at Universal Music Group, Christopher Roberts produced a variety of albums featuring his own composition work, including the Val Gardena work titled Migration.

Migration, which was released in 1997, was actually the last compilation Roberts personally worked on until he and Jeff Leonard released a new album titled A Different Place, A Different Time in 2013. He writes on his website that while he did not intend to follow the release of Migration with a long hiatus, his personal and professional demands left him little time to record. In a bit of foreshadowing, the album’s title symbolizes major transitions in his life, as well as the transitory nature of everything.

Val Gardena is the name of the collaboration between Roberts and Leonard. They began working together in 1993 and released three albums, including Migration, with Mercury Records. The nearly 47-minute album features 13 tracks and an ambient, new age sound. Noted trumpeter Chris Botti appeared on one of Migration’s tracks titled “Here with Me Now.” In addition, guitar legend Lee Ritenour played on another composition “Valley of Colors.” The album is available for digital download through a number of websites, including Amazon and iTunes.


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