The Gilmore Artist Award Recognizes Piano Artistry

The Gilmore Artist Award pic
The Gilmore Artist Award

The former president of the Classics and Jazz Division at Universal Music Group, Christopher Roberts now serves as an artistic advisor with the Gilmore. Thanks to the contributions of Universal Music veteran Chris Roberts and his fellow advisors, the Gilmore promotes musical excellence involving piano and other keyboard instruments.

Presented to an international pianist once every four years, the Gilmore Artist Award recognizes exceptional piano artistry. One of the most generous financial awards in the musical arts, the Gilmore Artist Award includes a $300,000 grant often referred to as the musical equivalent of a MacArthur Foundation “genius grant.”

To select the recipient of the Gilmore Artist Award, the Gilmore enlists the help of an Artistic Advisory Committee consisting of six members whose identities remain anonymous. The committee assesses the work of nominees and looks closely at their performing abilities under various conditions. Throughout the entire process, candidates do not know that they are being considered for the award.

The most recent Gilmore Artist Award Winner is Rafal Blechacz of Poland, who accepted the honor in 2014. Past winners include Krill Gerstein of the United States in 2010 and Ingrid Fliter of Argentina in 2006.


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