Decca Classics Signs Their First Recorder Artist, Lucie Horsch


Lucie Horsch pic
Lucie Horsch

Currently the president and CEO of Robisong Consulting in New York City, Christopher “Chris” Roberts is a pianist and composer who spent many years at Universal Music, the largest music company in the world. During his tenure at Universal Music, Christopher Roberts served as president of the classical and jazz music division of the company.

One of Universal’s classical labels, Decca Classics recently signed their first recorder artist, 16 year-old Lucie Horsch. The recorder is an instrument that’s often dismissed as only a learning instrument, but there are 500 possible fingering variations, and players can switch ranges from sopranino to alto immediately, indicating the great range of the instrument.

Many children are introduced to playing music through the recorder, including 20 percent of children in the UK. Horsch can thus serve an an ambassador to those children, revealing what could be possible on an instrument that appears so simple. Horsch, who has won the Concertgebouw Young Talent Award, is set to release her first album, which features the music of Vivaldi, in 2016.


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