New UMG Deal with Songwriter’s Group Will Boost Royalty Compensation

Universal Publishing Production Music pic
Universal Publishing Production Music

A longtime executive within the music industry, Christopher Roberts formerly served as the president of Universal Music Group’s Classics and Jazz division. Christopher Roberts is credited with modernizing the division’s labels and helping to establish the company’s artist management and concert production divisions.

Recently, Universal Music’s Universal Publishing Production Music (UPPM) division debuted a newly signed agreement with SESAC that will increase royalty compensation for songwriters. The reason for the change is to streamline the royalty payment process, which has not kept pace with the volume of transactions. The new system will provide more accurate data that will enable money to be paid more quickly.

Affecting US-based royalties only, the agreement took effect April 1, 2016. It covers production music songs that were previously registered with the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP). The agreement does not impact a songwriter’s decision to remain a member of ASCAP. The new terms show that Universal Music is committed to maximizing revenues for writers and increasing creative opportunities as well.


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